You will need the following:​

  • A fabric tape-measure – Do NOT use a Tradesman’s steel tape-measure or a plastic / wooden ruler.
  • Someone to assist you to take the measurements.

​Place the tape-measure as shown in the photograph and record your measurement in cm’s. Ensure that the tape-measure is snug but not tight.  DO NOT take the size from labels in clothes as sizes can vary with different brands. DO NOT add anything to the sizes you measure. We do that when we choose your suit. DO NOT wear baggy clothing when you are being measured. We require measurements taken from your actual body.

Download the sizing sheet on the left, fill in the measurements and email back to us at


Place the tape measure around the base of your neck so that it sits over your Adams apple. Ensure that you have one finger against your neck so that there is some space and the shirt neck is not too tight.  Record the measurement in cm’s.


Place the tape-measure around your chest ensuring it sits over your nipples and that the tape-measure is the same height all the way around your body. Ensure the tape-measure is snug but not tight. Record the measurement in cm’s


The easiest way to see where to measure from is to put on a shirt or tee shirt that fits well and take the measurement from the seam where the sleeves are attached. This measurement is very important if you have very broad shoulders.  


Take measurement around the biggest part of the stomach – usually belly-button height. This measurement is very important to us if your tummy is larger than your chest measurement. 


To measure for the trousers (Waist), Measure around your waist – where the waistband of your trousers normally sit. Ensure the waistband is sitting on or above your hip bone. It should NOT sit lower than your hip bone.

Alternatively, measure the waistband of your most comfortable pair of trousers. Do NOT take the size from the label of your trousers as all brands can fit differently and sizes are not always accurate – we need the measurement taken from measuring your actual body.


Take measurement around the hips and the biggest part of the bum. 


Take measurement around the widest part of the thigh. This measurement is important if you have solid or larger than normal thighs. 

Trouser Length

Take measurement from the TOP of the trouser waist band to the floor.  Take the measurement from the side of the body ensuring that the pants you are wearing are sitting in the correct position.  The trousers should sit ON or ABOVE your hip bone, NOT below it.

Alternatively, if you have a pair of pants that are the exact length that you require, lay them on a flat surface and measure from the Top of the trouser waist band down to the bottom of the leg making sure you measure along the side of the pant as in the photo.


Take the measurement from the shoulder seam along the arm, down to the wrist. This will determine the length of your jacket sleeve. A shirt sleeve needs to be 2cm longer.


If you are a body-builder or have large biceps, this measurement is important to us as some shirt sleeves may be too tight.